Teaser from Fumito Ueda, will the new game from the creator of Shadow of the Colossus arrive in 2021?

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GenDesign wishes all the players a happy 2021, and in doing so it seems to suggest that this year we can expect great news from the team …

The software house of Fumito Uedaborn in 2014, has been working for some time on a new project, started after the conclusion of the works on The Last Guardian published in 2016 on PS4.

As we have known for some time, GenDesign is no longer under Sony’s “creative control”, but its next game will instead be published by Epic Games – it is not yet clear if there will only be a PC version, or if Epic will also be a publisher for any console versions of the game.

Of the mysterious new project from the creator of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and precisely The Last Guardian, we only know an image published in 2017 (we leave it to you below) and nothing else. At least until today.

The first teaser image of the new Ueda game. An altar, a girl and a colossal being: the resemblance to SOTC is very evident …

In wishing a Happy New Year to all the fans, GenDesign has in fact published a curious image of 2021, which shows in each issue a detail of Ueda’s previous works: Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian and … what he has all the air of being the first, quick glimpse of the protagonist of the new video game created by Fumito Ueda.

As you can see from the image below, in correspondence with the figure “1” of the number 2021 we can observe what seems to be the first glimpse of Ueda’s new video game. The solitary protagonist observes the horizon, leaning against what appear to be the remains of a building, and finding himself inside a lagoon. No further details that seem particularly relevant at the moment, except that we don’t observe horns on his head – which have an important meaning in Ueda’s games – and that the protagonist is wearing what appears to be a poncho.

Of course it is still too early to say what the game will be about, but 2021 could bring good news to all who await the new Ueda game.

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