Techland confirms that Dying Light 2 will be released in 2021, but asks the fans for patience

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We can sleep peacefully, perhaps, even if the developers still ask for a little patience from all the waiting players.

Techlandin a short video posted on YouTube a few hours ago, confirmed that Dying Light 2 uwill expire in 2021.

The confirmation comes in what is a “nice” video in which the development team reads and responds to the impatience of the users and the insults that have come from some players. The development of Dying Light 2 was certainly not easy, with constant postponements and abandonments to the project. The most toxic community has had the opportunity to express its dissent on several occasions, and here Techland wanted to give some more security to the waiting fans.

Despite being scheduled for early 2020, Dying Light 2 it is still waiting today, but beyond the delays due to both internal development problems and the global COVID-19 pandemic that has affected all productions, Techland confirms that the game will arrive in 2021.

Over the course of the video, Techland also promises that it will be “ready to talk about Dying Light 2 very, very soon”And that the team is happy to be in the spotlight online, even if the team still asks for some patience, having not been given clearer information about when we will actually see Dying Light 2 in action again.

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