Tekken 8: revealed Jun Kazama in a new trailer

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Bandai Namco recently released a gameplay trailer of Tekken 8 dedicated to Jun Kazama, one of the historical characters of the fighting game series (and Jin’s mother).

In the video, which we leave at the bottom of the news, it is possible to notice the lethality and elegance of the woman’s moves, who uses divine power to launch powerful attacks aimed at eliminating any enemy that will appear in front of her, especially if of a demonic nature.

The latest installment in the series will introduce a brand new game mechanic called “Heat System“, which will allow players to leverage aggression and tactics, and incorporate offensive attacks into the play style, with special movements and enhancement of character abilities based on the specific characteristics of each.

We remind you that the new Japanese company’s fighting game, developed on Unreal Engine 5, will be released exclusively on PS5, Xbox Series X\S and PC, with a date yet to be fixed. Updates will most likely follow during the numerous summer appointments that will accompany us, hoping that the day of publication will be defined as soon as possible.

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