Tencent and Activision are preparing to close Call of Duty Online

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After 6 years of honorable service, Call of Duty Online is preparing to close its doorswith Tencent intent on pushing further on the huge success of Call of Duty Mobile.

The Chinese giant announced a few hours ago that Call of Duty Online will close at the end of August. The company made the announcement on the game’s official website, which was later translated by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter.

For those unfamiliar with this particular game, Call of Duty Online is a free to play title released in 2015 and dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market, for which some changes were required compared to the traditional Japanese versions. The impossibility of publishing a Zombies mode, for example, due to the regulations in force on Chinese soil, led to the birth of a particular variant with a Cyborg theme, of which we proposed some videos now several years ago.

Call of Duty Online had considerable success in China in the first period, but the sharp decline in revenue recorded by Activision in recent times has prompted the American giant not to renew the agreements to keep the game active, and therefore to unplug the game. server at the end of the summer.

The goal of Activision and Tencent, now, is to push the still important community of COD Online on another title of the two companies, Call of Duty Mobile, which with its 500 million downloads worldwide was one of the most mobile greatest hits of history.

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