The Balan Wonderworld demo is now available

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Square Enix today released a free demo of BALAN WONDERWORLD. The demo offers a preview of the fantastic magic that animates the game, which is scheduled for release on March 26. By downloading the demo and playing it, you can unlock platform-specific bonus costumes that can be used in the full game after purchase.

In addition, Square Enix unveiled the new trailer True Happiness is an Adventure, which showcases some of the game’s 80 costumes and the fantastic adventures that await players at Wonderworld.

The demo includes three of the twelve magical worlds of BALAN WONDERWORLD and supports local two-player co-op mode, activated by simply pressing a command on a second connected controller. Players can face the Denials, play Balan’s Bout minigames, and collect Balan figurines as Leo and Emma, ​​combining the powers of different costumes to explore beautiful worlds and access new paths not available in the single player.

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