The best graphics settings in Crysis Remastered are called “Can it run Crysis?”

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No, we’re not kidding. Even the developers of crytek have realized how expensive it is for a system to be able to run their latest title, Crysis Remasteredwith the maximum graphics settings. A couple of days ago we already talked about the minimum requirements, but this is about being able to run the game in 4K with a level of details that gives goosebumps.

“Can you get Crysis to run?” (translated from “Can it run Crysis?“) is a meme born in 2007 based on the fact that, at the time, Crysis required a huge effort from PCs. Now, these have become real graphics settings which, according to the developers, “they have been designed to demand every last ounce of memory from the system hardware, with settings that do not set limits“. Obviously this mode will only be selectable on PC. Below you will find the official tweet of Crytek.

The level of detail and the depth of the game leave room for a few words, as we have already said: we are getting closer and closer to the next-gen. Twitter’s image compression system, however, doesn’t allow us to enjoy the screen to its fullest potential, in 4K. Some users, however, never seem to be satisfied and have responded to the tweet by asking several criticismseven stating that the original gamewith the graphics settings set to maximum, it would even be more enjoyable than the remastered. A user on Reddit has posted a screen made on the original Crysis, so that you can compare the two images. I refer you to this image to be able to view the two screens next to each other, so that an immediate comparison can be made.

In short, surely there will be few who will be able to use the title to its maximum technical potential, but it is always nice to see how we are catapulting ourselves towards titles that are increasingly close to photorealism. Finally, we remind you that Crysis Remastered will be available starting from September 18 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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