The Call of Duty community is asking for a Battlefield Portal-like mode

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Recently, during EA Play Live 2021, Electronic Arts officially announced the Portal mode of Battlefield 2042a gigantic conglomeration of environments, weapons and vehicles from the greatest chapters of the franchise.

Here you will find more details on the Battlefield Portal and on the dates of the open beta of the new game.

In a nutshell, within the Battlefield Portal we will find weapons, maps, vehicles and more from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and perhaps other games of the series in the future, in a single sandbox experience that will obviously not be canonical within the story of the game but which represents a nice alternative to the main experience.

Such a move has found favor with numerous industry personalities, including the ever-reliable insider Tom Henderson who stated on Twitter that “This is the way to incorporate remastered content into a game”.

The insider, as you could see above, speculates that in the near future Activision will also decide to propose a similar mode, a sort of Call of Duty Portalin which the remastered contents that have made the history of the series will converge.

Starting from this tweet, and not only that, the Call of Duty community immediately took action to express on social media its desire to see a similar mode as soon as possible, which can bring back content from historical titles such as Modern Warfare 2 , Black Ops II, World at War, Modern Warfare 3, and so on.

Battlefield Portal “Could really be the next BIG THING for creators”said the popular YouTuber Chaosxsilencer. “Imagine a Call of Duty Portal with resources from BO2, BO3, WaW, MW2, MW3, all usable and customizable.”

The account of ModernWarzone relaunches even calling Raven Software into question, stating that there are many players who would love to see something like Battlefield Portal within Warzone.

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