The creators of R6 Siege are joining Amazon and developing a new multiplayer game

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Despite the resounding thud of Cruciblehero shooter released and canceled in record time last year, Amazon is still intent on continuing video game production, and some leading industry minds are ready to join the project.

Some of original creators behind Rainbow Six: Siegein particular the production manager Luc Bouchard, the creative directors Xavier Marquis and Romain Rimokh and the brand director Alexandre Remy, have decided to say goodbye to Ubisoft Montreal to join a new Amazon study, also based in Montreal. It will be the fourth studio under the aegis of Amazon Games, along with those of Seattle, Orange County and San Diego.

Marquis said Siege’s former developers were “Excited to start a new page in their career, and for the creative freedom to create a completely unique experience in the multiplayer scene”after eight years of work on the tactical shooter. “From our first discussion, we felt a real connection with the people at Amazon Games, their approach to games and the tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and technology available. We couldn’t be more excited to start a studio with them. “

After a slow start, Amazon is therefore more than ever determined to break into the video game market, also thanks to its upcoming Luna platform.

Of course, the last few months have not been easy, with the aforementioned Crucible flop. Although Amazon is preparing to launch New World this year (below we leave you our interview with the Italian community manager), according to Jason Schreier the gaming division is not in good hands, and this will lead to other thuds in the future.

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New World | Interview with the Italian community manager of the new Amazon MMO

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