The creators of The Wardrobe present Extra Coin, it will arrive in 2021

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After the acclaimed success of The Wardrobegraphic adventure released on PC in February 2017 and released on consoles since 2018, CINIC Games announces Extra Coinsan adventure game set in the virtual social network “The Arcade”.

Here is the synopsis of the game:

2066, city of Hangzhou – Mika Wattson, left alone in the world after the death of her grandfather, decides to join The Arcade, the hated social network that took her parents away from her: after joining the Extra Coin program, both they are in fact permanently connected to the virtual world, abandoning their earthly existences. Mika discovers despite her that the locket given to her by her grandfather before he died, she has the ability to reveal the identity of the users of The Arcade, violating one of the three rules of the social network and thus managing to bring to light dark secrets.

For the moment we have no further information, but together with the announcement of the game, a first trailer for Extra Coin has also arrived.

What do you think of this new Italian production?

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