The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes returns to show itself at E3 2021

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Bandai Namco has decided to bet everything on House of Ashes for this E3 2021: The Dark Pictures Anthology will return next October 22 with the new horror chapter set in the Middle East.

During the live broadcast dedicated to the title, a trailer already known, and then move on to an in-depth study in the company of Dan McDonald, the Executive Producer. In the interview it was decided to retrace the main plot themes, centered on the myth of Naram-Sinthe emperor who reigned around 2250 BC in Mesopotamia.

The setting this time will be mostly underground: the unfortunate protagonists will have to try to survive in the ancient submerged temple of Akkad, a den of terrifying threats.

Dan McDonald illustrated the main mechanics of the game, remembering that there will be the possibility to choose between a simpler adventure, to enjoy the story, or a difficulty higher for those who prefer the adrenaline of the challenge.

The goal is to save as many characters as possible but, as always … freedom for the player!

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