The evolution of Call of Duty Zombies collected in a nostalgic video

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The YouTube channel Evolution List wanted to make a bloody gift to all fans of Call of Duty Zombiesreleasing a new video dedicated to the evolution of the famous mode from 2008 until today.

Before we continue, let us say that there could not have been a better day to report this video. Since yesterday, in fact, on all our social profiles (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), we have kicked off a special event we have nicknamed # 4TheAether (official hashtag), in which, for 4 weeks, we will organize a series of giveaways and activities dedicated to the Aether Story of Treyarch’s Zombies mode.

Yesterday evening, for example, we kicked off a # 4TheAther with the rewatch de THE ZOMBIE STORY – THE MOVIE on YouTube, while on Instagram the mega-tournament has begun to crown the best zombies map ever. Don’t forget to come back every day on our social networks, you will see some good ones!

Back to us, the YouTube Evolution List video is a nostalgic tale of how the much-loved Zombies mode has changed and evolved over time.

After making his debut in 2008 on Call of Duty: World at War almost as a joke, Zombies mode has become one of the most famous trademarks for Treyarch and the entire franchise, which has given birth to unforgettable experiences such as Kino der Toten, Moon, Mob of the Dead, Origins, Shadows of Evil And Der Eisendrache.

In the video, which also included the Zombies experiences of Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII, we can remember the good times and observe how things have changed considerably over time, while maintaining the solid and classic experience of a time.

And now, a game for all of you who will comment on social networks or below, on our site. Describe Zombies Mode in one word: now!

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