The Italian community of Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates Tokyo 2020

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The versatility of Animal Crossing: New Horizonswhich has allowed millions of users to exploit it as a virtual place for gatherings and initiatives, come on weddings to the birthdayspassing through i business meeting and even reaching the romantic dates, is now known, but it never ceases to amaze. The credit is always due to the incredible inventiveness of the fans, who never miss an opportunity to bring current events, facts and topics into their favorite videogame. This time it was at Tokyo 2020 Olympicsthe most important sporting event of the year that will kick off today not only in real life, but also within the video game for Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to the contribution of Animal Crossing Lifeone of the communities of crosser longest-lived in Italy, the Olympic Games they will also come to life on the virtual island populated by cute anthropomorphic animals and the ever present Tom Nook. The event, which will make all visitors breathe the unmistakable air typical of the Olympic village, will see the involvement of some of the creators most followed by the community of the life simulator developed by Nintendoamong which HildaNamida, Lightning95the boys of Animal Crossing Life and those of Millennium Pokémon. The appointment is set for today, Friday 23 Julystarting from 20:00when the Olympic torch will also light up in-game and the games on the community island will begin, for an evening in streaming and multiplayer full of fun that only Animal Crossing: New Horizons is able to deliver.

The Nintendo video game sold fastest in Europewith over 32 million copies sold all over the world, thus preparing to welcome another very important sporting event. Awaiting fans there will be a special path entirely inspired by Olympic competitionswhich will include some of the Games’ most iconic disciplines: from obstacle course to the pole vaultup to one area dedicated to swimming. The island that will host the live broadcast can already be visited via the dream code DA-3661-5179-8255, to allow onlookers and participants to take a look at what awaits them. In addition, fans from all over Italy will be able to show off their Olympic passion, with an “Olympic” kit redeemable and wearable in-game, which includes cap, t-shirt, sweatshirt, make-up, flag and fan, all made in the colors of the Team Italy.

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