The Last of Us, chosen as the director of the HBO TV series

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A major new update regarding the television adaptation of The Last of UsNaughty Dog’s 2013 masterpiece that will be transformed by HBO into a TV series.

L’Hollywood Reporter suggests that the list of insiders is getting richer. After Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), who will take care of the screenplay of the series together with Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog, here is that Sony and HBO have chosen Kantemir Balagov as a director.

Balagov, born in 1991, is best known for directing Russian films Closeness And Beanpole.

The portal also reports failed negotiations to hire Johan Renck, director of Chernobyl, at the head of the project. Apparently, at the basis of the choice there would have been planning conflicts, perhaps due to projects that overlapped, and HBO has therefore opted for this name, to tell the truth little known by the masses but which has been on the radar of the big names of the future.

In recent months, following the announcement of the series by HBO, we have had various information about the project. For example, Neil Druckmann has already revealed some of the main characters of the show, as well as that Gustavo Santoalalla, former composer of the two games in the series, will return to deal with the soundtrack of the TV series.

The release date of The Last of Us TV series is still unknown.

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