The Last of Us Part 1: PC launch is a disaster, Naughty Dog at work

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A few days ago Naughty Dog has released on PC the conversion of the excellent The Last of Us Part 1, the remake of the original title landed on PlayStation 3 in the distant 2013. After the first release on PlayStation 5, which took place last September 2 without any particular problems, these days the cagnacci had some great headaches with the new transposition, which turned out to be much more complicated than expected.

Many PC users (with hardware even much higher than the game requirements) have in fact reported serious technical shortcomingswhich sometimes prevented you from being able to interact completely with the title. The Last of Us Part 1 consequently represented an insurmountable obstacle for the players, causing among other things CPU overheating (also of 90 degreeswith therefore extreme risks for the components), framerate drops during cutscenes and pre-compilation of eternal shaders.

Obviously the whole web has risen for the story, especially given the importance of the Naughty Dog title. Fingers from all over the world have been pointed at Iron Galaxythe studio responsible for the porting, not always famous for its painstaking work.

To try to sort things out, Naughty Dog recently released a patch for the gameweighing approx 2.3GB. According to the first feedback that emerged, this update would have made i faster uploadsbut he would not have intervened at all on the technical problems above, with the CPU still at risk of burning.

Obviously this is a first update and we are sure that others will follow, but there is no doubt that given the size of PlayStation Studios production, something went wrong in the development and verification process. We only hope that the corrective measures will be made available as soon as possible, so as to limit as much as possible the damage which, by now, is spreading like wildfire.

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