The Last of Us – Season 1 of the series will adapt the first game, but it will have freedom

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The Last of Usthe TV series made by HBO and PlayStation Productions, it will be a direct adaptation of the events of the first game, although it will not help but take some creative liberties by modifying, at least in part, the events that fans of the series already know.

The Last of Us is the first of several planned PlayStation adaptations for film and TV, and production is already underway. With the most important roles already assigned (here the details on the casting of Joel and Ellie) and the phases of testing in progress, such as the realization of the Clickers which is already being completed, one of the most recurring questions obviously concerned the main setting of the series.

Talking with IGN during SXSW 2021, the show’s game director and executive producer Neil Druckmann discussed this very detail, announcing that the first season of the series – and therefore we discover that there will be more seasons – it will be a direct adaptation of the first game in the seriesbut not without taking some creative freedom.

Druckmann says he has talked extensively with Craig Mazin, screenwriter of Chernobyl and the project from the Naughty Dog game, and that, being a TV product, things could at least partially take a different turn than before. The philosophical basis, as Druckmann himself calls them, of the show will be the same as the game, but there will be some changes:

As for superficial things, like the shirt a character will wear? They may or may not appear in it, this is far less important to us than understanding who these people are and the theme of their trip.

Druckmann specifies that in the series there will also be some dialogue taken directly from the gamewhile others will be made in a different way:

Things sometimes stay pretty close to the events of the game. It’s fun to see my dialogue there from games in HBO scripts. And sometimes they deviate greatly to get an effect better because we are dealing with a different medium. […] For example, there is so much action in the game that you need to have to train the player on mechanics. […] So it’s something that was really different, and HBO was fantastic in pushing us to move away from hardcore action and focus more on the character drama. Some of my favorite episodes so far have departed greatly from the story and I can’t wait for people to see them.

Are you eager to see the TV adaptation of The Last of Us?

The series is in development at HBO, and it definitely won’t arrive until 2022.

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