The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a glitch allows you to get the Supreme Sword at the beginning of the game

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Although four years have passed since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it seems that the game is still far from having revealed all its secrets, whether they are easter eggs inserted by the developers or (more rarely) glitches. In this case, a glitch was discovered that allows for the Supreme Sword right from the beginning of the game, and the surprising thing is that the procedure turns out to be really simple.

Anyone who has played Breath of the Wild knows that to get the Supreme Sword it is not enough to simply go to the altar on which it is kept and extract it as if nothing had happened. The game, in fact, requires that Link owns at least 13 hearts before proceeding with the extraction, since in the meantime you try to remove the sword from the altar it will drain Link’s life energyleading him to certain death if he does not have enough hearts.

To discover the glitch to get the Supreme Sword right away was a Japanese player who documented all attempts on his twitter profile. Apparently there are multiple ways to accomplish this glitch, but all methods involve using a campfire, so you’ll need a bundle of wood and something to set it on fire.

However, the most reliable method seems to be the one reported by the youtuber Limcube which involves, first of all, placing the campfire as close as possible to the Supreme Sword, then it will be necessary to position Link between the fire and the sword and raise the view to frame the cherry tree in bloom, at this point it will be necessary to interact with the campfire and rest until morning, finally during the loading screen you will have to press the A key repeatedly, and once back to the game you should have obtained the Supreme Sword without too many problems.

Thanks to this glitch, in case you start a new run, you can immediately rely on the powerful Supreme Sword which, we remember, is the only completely indestructible weapon within the game. Also in the presence of enemies corrupted by the evil influence of Ganon the sword will light up and it will become even more powerfulhowever, this upgrade will only be temporary and once finished it will take a few minutes for the sword to be usable again.

It is now known that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a huge game, full of easter eggs and secrets, many of which probably haven’t even been discovered. Based on this, we can only imagine what surprises Nintendo will have in store for the sequel to Breath of the Wild expected for 2022, whose first trailer was shown during E3 2021.

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