The Mkers are the champions of the FIFA eClub World Cup

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As you can read in the full-bodied press release that you find below, i Mkers have written a new page in the history of Italian export, becoming the first team in our country to triumph in the FIFA eClub World Cup.

Here are all the details of the triumph.

For the umpteenth time we find ourselves here describing a new, extraordinary goal achieved by Mkers: the team, in fact, has succeeded in a feat that will surely find space in the history books of Italian eSport, officially becoming the first Italian club to win the top tournament for all clubs in the world in football, the eClub World Cup. Another incredible milestone to be included in the exceptional palmarès of the company, which – after having reached the Six Invitational with the Rainbow Six Siege division, the final stages of the eChampions League and having won the Global Series with Oliboli7, just to mention the most recent victories, – crowned years of hard work with a success capable of projecting it in the Olympus of Italian competitive gaming.

The result had assumed the connotation of the enterprise already after the impressive path capable of leading the team in the final, thanks to the first overcoming of the pre-qualifications and the groups of the European zone, and subsequently of the great results obtained in its group of the best 14 teams of the event, in which it was compared with teams of the caliber of Monza, Astralis, Shalke 04, Movistariders, Wista All in Games and MM Gaming club. By beating Zeta Gaming, and coming out victorious from the heart-pounding challenge against Shalke 04, however, the stakes – suddenly – had turned into an appointment with history, which Mkers did not fail.

The key match, in fact, was played against the champions of the Astralis – with Audi as main sponsor and famous for being the first publicly traded eSports team in 2019 with a valuation of 75 million dollars during its initial public offering to the Nordic Nasdaq market – already addressed in the previous phases of the event. The final included a series of challenges to the best of five, in which the team capable of ringing three victories would have won. Everything foreshadowed the worst: during the first matches, in fact, Prinsipe suffered the talent of Ustun, one of the strongest and most aggressive players of the moment, taking four goals and never managing to bag the net. The same fate befell Oliboli 7who had to succumb for the first time in the whole tournament by Aggehistoric FIFA player, for 3 to 2.

The situation was critical: another defeat would have symbolized the exit from the tournament and the farewell to dreams of glory. One of the features of Mkershowever, is that of never give upand in the moment of greatest difficulty the team managed to re-emerge and ring simply extraordinary performance: on the one hand, in fact, Prinsipe, with a perfect match, he managed to beat Ustun 3 to 2, taking advantage of every opportunity and defending the result granitically; on the other, Oliboli 7 he was able to respond to the first defeat by dominating in the second game and beating Agge 4 to 1.

The third and last match had initially ended with a 2 to 2 fight, with the obligation to gamble on penalties, which has always been Daniele Paolucci’s true Achilles heel. It was written in fate, however, that this should have been the day of Mkers: with cunning and enviable coldness Prinsipe succeeded in the enterprise, delivering the historic title to his team.

This is a result that reflects the great team work played throughout the tournament, thanks to the painstaking study of the opponents and the fundamental contribution of both the staff and the players of Mkers.

Now the goal is to continue like this, towards new, historic and ambitious goals!

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