The Naughty Dog boss would like to work on a Punisher game or Half Life

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A clue to the future of Naughty Dog? Unlikely, but Neil Druckmann has decided to answer a curious question: which video games would you like to work on in the future?

The Naughty Dog boss answered this curious question posed by Greg Miller of Kind Funny on Twitter, surprising the audience.

The crux of the question was: Which IP would Druckmann, the man behind such great hits as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us: Part II, want to work on in the future?

The names on Druckmann’s wish list are decidedly curious, and they range from historical videogame series to IP owned by the Marvelalso passing through other really intriguing proposals.

In particular, here is the list proposed by Druckmann:

  1. Punisher
  2. Half Life
  3. Ghost Rider
  4. Hotline Miami
  5. Cowboy Bebop

A list, as you may have guessed, very particular, but decidedly visionary and unlikely. To work on a series like Half Life, after all, Druckmann would have to go under the wing of Valve, this excluding a sensational (but also very implausible) collaboration between Gabe Newell’s company and Sony.

Ironically, the most viable hypotheses could be those that lead to the two anti-heroes of the Marvel house, namely Punisher And Ghost Rider. After all, Sony already has a strong link with the House of Ideas – we remember Marvel’s Spider-Man and its recent spin-off on Miles Morales, but also the exclusive content for PlayStation of Marvel’s Avengers – and who knows therefore that in the future it will not be born. a particular collaboration between the two giants to satisfy one of Neil Druckmann’s dreams.

Would you like to see one of these 5 games made by the mastermind behind The Last of Us 2?

Neil Druckmann is currently working on a number of projects, including Naughty Dog’s new game for PS5 and HBO’s The Last of Us TV series, which he recently directed.

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