The new BioShock will be an open world in an unprecedented location

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We have known for some time now that 2K Games has been in the works a new chapter in the BioShock seriesand finally some interesting details about the game arrive.

The studio that is working on the next BioShock game is called Cloud Chamber and is currently hiring for several positions. These include an AI programmer, a UI / UX designer a tool programmer, a senior world designera senior technical designer is one senior writer.

The last job position, in particular, is the one that offers us the most details on what the new game in the series will be. The senior writer, who will be working in the Montreal office, will be a responsible position to help create the narrative content for BioShock 4, and the announcement also reports that the studio is looking for someone “That can weave impactful and character-driven stories in an open world environment”.

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The senior writer will do too “Brainstorming on the content of primary and secondary missions with design” and it will help “In the creation and execution of the main story, including the writing of dialogue and other narrative elements as a director”. The location reports directly to the lead author of the project.

Unlike the first games, BioShock 4 (working title) would therefore seem to adopt the open world game system, abandoning the classic structure of connected areas.

More clues about BioShock 4 can be found in other job postings. For what concern role of artificial intelligence programmer of the video gamefor example, 2K explains that the work will involve developing a “Urban crowd system” And “The systemic tribal ecology of a sometimes hostile artificial intelligence”.

Game designs go through multiple iterations between the initial concept phase and final release, so everything related to BioShock 4 is currently subject to change. That said, it seems clear that Cloud Chamber is planning something a little different with the next BioShock, and that for the fourth installment we won’t be returning to the now classic and iconic locations of Rapture City and Columbia. The flying city was the backdrop to the events of BioShock: Infinite, while Rapture was the only location to return in each chapter – in the aforementioned Infinite was part of the DLC that linked to the first BioShock.

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