The new Returnal update seems to have made the ports bug worse

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Housemarque today released a new title update for its rogue-like shooter Returnal, published a few days ago exclusively on PS5. Unfortunately, it seems that the update has aggravated a problem previously encountered by some users.

While patches are usually rolled out to add content or fix game or technical issues, it appears that the recent Returnal update did the opposite, as more reports have surfaced claiming more frequent game crashes and door problems.

So far, more threads have surfaced on the Returnal subreddit regarding more frequent game crashes, encountering the port issue (which players were hoping to fix in today’s patch).

The user Secretbox11, for example, reports that with the arrival of this new patch a bug related to the automatic opening of the doors has become very frequent, which allows you to switch from one area to another:

So I’ve been playing smoothly for over 35 hours. I woke up today for patch 1.003.001 and now I can’t play more than 10-15 minutes before I get a bug that causes doors not to open and I can find items that I shouldn’t be able to actually walk … It has already happened 4 times. This patch really ruined my birthday …

Warning ⚠️ 1.003.001 patch from Returnal

There are also other users who have reported this problem and responded on Reddit, and it is likely that Housemarque is already working to fix the bug.

Are you playing Returnal? How does the new game from the creators of Resogun look like?

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