The price of Xbox Live Gold has risen, and users are making their anger felt

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The official announcement by Microsoft of a (full-bodied) Xbox Live Gold price increasethe subscription that allows you to play online on the various Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms.

The price updates, which you can read here, are not of small proportions, and for this reason there is a large slice of users who have made themselves heard in the last few hours between forums and social networks, expressing dissent towards the choice from Microsoft.

It is above all the journalists and the sector’s newspapers to start the controversy, analyzing what today are the objective data: playing online, on Xbox, costs more than on other platforms.

For example, CharlieIntel points out that a user of Call of Duty: Warzone he must revise his plans today, at least if he plays on Xbox platforms. While playing on PS5, PS4 and PC is free – one of Sony’s policies is to not require PS Plus for free to play titles, just like Warzone – today the annual cost to play Activision’s battle royale has risen to well 120 dollars.

A speech similar to what Jeff Grubb, of VentureBeaton Twitter, bringing up another popular battle royale of recent years – of course Fortnite.

Grubb makes a comparison between two recent last generation consoles, analyzing what today are the facts: buying a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition costs $ 400, and allows you to play Fortnite for a year without additional expenses; buying Xbox Series S instead means spending $ 300, to which, to play Fortnite for a year, we must add an additional $ 120 subscription, which surpasses the total price of the Sony console.

Grubb himself, however, as we also did yesterday after the announcement of the price increase, remembers that this cost adjustment on Xbox Live Gold this is nothing more than a way by Microsoft to encourage consumers to adopt another subscription, Xbox Game Pass Ultimatewhich also includes the services of the Gold.

GameSpot instead decides to carry out an online survey, the results of which are quite important: 51% of users who responded to the survey said that, with Microsoft’s decision to increase prices, they will soon change their shirt and switch to PlayStation.

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