The PUBG universe expands: new battle royale in 2021, another spin-off by 2022

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PUBG Corp has great plans for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundshis popular battle royale from which, however, something bigger and more ambitious is being created – a bit like Riot Games is doing with League of Legends.

The universe of PUBG yes is expanding more and more: next year, for example, survival horror will arrive The Callisto Protocolset in the same narrative universe as the BRbut it looks like there’s another PUBG game coming to PC and consoles this year.

According to Bloomberg, PUGB Corp is preparing more surprises for the next few months, which have sparked the interest of many players. According to when reported, the narrative universe of the franchise will be enriched by a new battle royale for mobile devices in 2021which will ideally go alongside PUBG Mobile, and will also arrive another spin-off by the end of 2022.

The news comes from a profile of Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han. Krafton Inc, the South Korean-based holding company that hosts Bluehole, PUBG Corp and Striking Distance – the latest is the studio led by Glen Schofield responsible for The Callisto Protocol, which as we said will be set in the same universe as PUBG (find the trailer below). By the end of the year, Krafton is planning an initial public offering that could reportedly be worth as much as $ 27.2 billion.

Either way, Krafton seems intent on capitalizing on PUBG. The report of Bloomberg also confirms that an animated series and a web comic are also in the works.

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