Two new colors of the Xbox Wireless Controller arrive

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Today, Microsoft announced two new color variants of the Xbox Wireless Controller: Electric Yellow And L’Daystrike Camo special edition.

Specifically, lXbox Wireless Controller – Electric Yellow it features a deep yellow coloring, never seen on any Xbox hardware, while the special edition Daystrike Camothe latest addition to the Camo series, instead boasts a camouflage theme with shades ranging from deep red, to gray and black, adding a touch of style to the famous Xbox controller.

Both hardware are made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, further proof of Microsoft’s commitment to making the manufacturing process of Xbox products even more sustainable.

Xbox Wireless Controller Electric Yellow is available from April 27 at the price of € 59.99while coloring Special Edition Daystrike Camo will be available for purchase starting from May 4th at € 64.99.

Both controllers can be purchased on the Microsoft Store and at authorized dealers.

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