UFL: the FIFA rival returns to show itself in a video

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Strikerzauthors of the free to play UFL that promises to rival FIFA and eFootball, recently released a new eight-minute video in which the developers have decided to illustrate an entire second half of a match.

Although the development, at least according to the previous statements, proceeded well overall, the build shown in the gameplay was captured from an alpha version of January, for which the software house asks to provide feedback. Here is what was communicated:

It may seem crude to you, but we are making progress and will give you updates as soon as we finish implementing the new animation system.

The user, while responding positively to the progress made by Strikerz, has nonetheless highlighted how the game is quite flat in terms of player dynamism. The studio then replied that everything will change significantly once the new technology dedicated to animations enters full capacity.

Before leaving you to the clip, let’s remember that UFL is expected on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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