USA, do you get vaccinated against the Coronavirus? Microsoft gives you an Xbox

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In response to the health emergency of the last 18 months and the vaccination campaign, Microsoft decides to start a new and curious initiative.

In the United States of America, also thanks to the initial skepticism by the Trump administration in 2020, Sars-Cov-2 has hit hard, reaching millions of people – the estimated deaths to date are about 600,000 in US territory only.

President Biden immediately dictated a more rigid line for the US, and with the arrival of the first vaccines the nation of the New Continent was immediately at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. The goal of the administration, at this moment, is to be able to administer at least the first dose of the vaccine to 70% of the population by July 4 – a date that is not random, as it is Independence Day.

To push the population to get vaccinated, there have been many initiatives implemented in recent weeks. From American cinemas that offer room incentives for those who have already received the vaccine, to bonuses from the world of sports.

To help the Biden administration, and above all to try to get to a safer situation, she also stepped in Microsoft. The Redmond company, which months ago also asked the president about the lack of electronic components along with Sony and other large companies, has in fact announced the birth of a particular initiative, promising that will donate thousands of Xbox consoles to be delivered to those who decide to get vaccinated.

The initiative is carried out together with Boys and Girls Clubs, an NGO dedicated to the protection of minors.

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