Venom and Uncharted director confirms: “I’m working on the Jak & Daxter movie”

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Without any official announcement from Sony, the director Ruben Fleischer has publicly stated that he is working on a film adaptation of the famous videogame saga of Jak and Daxter.

The director of Welcome to Zombieland and Venom is currently promoting Uncharted, live action adaptation of the Naughty Dog series starring Tom Holland as protagonist Nathan Drake. Just yesterday we attended an interview with Holland, during which the actor talked about the making of the film and revealed some background.

Apparently Sony is already looking to the future, once again starring a historic IP from the PlayStation world.

In an interview with digitaltrendsFleischer has announced that it is working together with PlayStation to create a film adaptation by Jak & Daxter.

I’m actually working on Jak and Daxter, a version of that, for PlayStation, which I think would be really cool to bring to life in the cinema.

Jak & Daxter has been away from the scene since 2009, the year of the release of the latest and controversial Jak & Daxter: A challenge without borders. Despite this, the Naughty Dog series is still fondly remembered by fans today, who continue to clamor for its return to PS5 with a new chapter – which Naughty Dog herself would love to make.

At this point, the words of Tom Holland a few days ago take on a completely different meaning. In fact, the actor has revealed that he wants to play Jak in a possible film adaptation of the video game series, and now perhaps we understand why …

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