Warzone, a bug makes the legendary chests disappear

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Call of Duty: Warzone it is a game that is continuously updated, as evidenced by the arrival of the fifth season (details here). In addition to this Activision is continuously engaged in the resolution of technical problems and bugs. However, as is often the case, as some bugs are fixed, new ones emerge.

In the last hours Activision’s battle royale is in fact grappling with a new glitch. Particularly it seems that the bug causes the disappearance of the legendary chests scattered around the game map. The glitch was also witnessed on video Reddit which sees a user approaching a legendary chest spotted in the distance which then mysteriously disappeared.

Apparently game didn’t want me to open legendary crate from r/CODWarzone

In short, we are not dealing with a bug that substantially ruins the gaming experience but, certainly, it can be annoying. Before concluding, we refer you to some of our articles where you can consult the more or less hilarious bugs that have affected Warzone since its release:

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