Warzone is the strange new glitch: players get stuck in the Red Doors

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The red doors of Call of Duty: Warzone they are apparently more unstable than previously thought, as a new and strange glitch has arrived on the battle royale completely ruining the user experience.

The Red Doorhailing from Black Ops Cold War, have long been included within Warzone, helping not only to advance the battle royale narrative through the event The Numbersbut also to increase the gameplay dynamics and to provide an important help to the players in case they choose the right rooms full of loot.

The secret rooms reachable with the red doors are in fact full of advantages, and for this reason users love to try to exploit the doors to get to victory.

In the last few hours, however, it has arrived a new absurd technical problem related to the Red Doors and the red rooms, which can trap players inside a room with no way out and let them be killed by the deadly gas.

BeesusPls is the unfortunate Warzone player who encountered this annoying glitch and explained what had happened via a thread on Reddit which quickly became trendy.

Here is his testimony:

He pushed a guy who just teleported into the red door room, and then the game decided it wanted to lock me in !!

The reconstruction of the incident foresees that after presumably following the opposing player in the Red Room, the other player must have fled, leaving the pursuer inside since the game only recognized the exit of the original player.

Here is a video to support the testimony:

Pushed a dude who just teleported in to the Red Door Room, and then the game decided it wants to lock me in !! Probably karma for using a Streetsweeper 🙁 from CODWarzone

One user commented on the problem saying “It’s just this particular exit from the Red Door. It also happened to me and a friend. Lesson learned.”

Have you also encountered this strange problem on Warzone?

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