Warzone, pay-to-win case breaks out: paid project makes a stronger weapon!

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It’s time to a new case in Call of Duty: Warzone, and we are sure that this time it will be talked about for a long time. Waiting, of course, for a statement from Activision.

The spectrum of the pay-to-winone of the mechanics most condemned by players over the years, returns to make itself strongly felt on the battle royale of Infinity Ward, and it seems that the tests are this time for all to see.

In recent years, the video game market has changed considerably, making extensive use of DLC and microtransactions that have always been discussed. The latter, in particular, are a very sensitive topic for the Call of Duty saga as well as for many other titles, accused of having embraced pay-to-win dynamics. For those who do not know what we are referring to, a pay-to-win dynamic indicates the developers’ intention to push the player to spend real money to purchase a particular item or weapon, which gives an in-game advantage over those who don’t use it.

It has been a while since COD has fallen into the maelstrom of pay-to-win allegations, but apparently these are back and are more serious than ever.

In the last few hours, not so much one of the weapons added with Black Ops Cold War Season 1 (recently nerfed on Warzone, although the community was not satisfied) has ended up in the eye of the storm, but one of the projects for the weapons, in particular the legendary gallantry design of the MAC-10 submachine gun.

There MAC-10 is one of the most recent weapons introduced on Black Ops Cold War, and has immediately made a lot of talk about itself for its all too extraordinary effectiveness in battle, something that has been condemned several times by the community also on the battle royale Warzone where, together with the DMR 14 and the Diamatti pistols, represented the focus of the latest criticisms of the game.

In the Battle Pass of Season 1 they are present numerous skins and weapon blueprints – Blueprints are essentially weapon “packs” with preset accessories and new skins – many of which can only be obtained by purchasing the entire Battle Pass. Like last year on Modern Warfare, in fact, players can choose to buy or not buy the battle pass of a season, but in case they decide not to spend money (or COD Points, the in-game currency), they could only get some of the contents of this, about a quarter of the total.

Level 95 of the Battle Pass corresponds to the offending project, the legendary Gallantry blueprint for MAC-10which can only be unlocked by those who buy the pass.

It goes without saying that the community, in the last few hours, has been baffled by what has been discovered: the Galanteria project it is not the simple union of various accessories and skins for the MAC-10, but increases SMG damage by 30% compared to its normal configuration – made without the project.

The YouTuber JGOD he dug deep into the story and discovered what we just reported. By running a series of different tests to ascertain the allegationsBy observing the levels of damage and the reaction of the blows to different parts of the body, the youtuber found that indeed the MAC-10 made with the offending project causes more damage than normaland this concerns every part of the body – head, chest and stomach are the most analyzed parts in the video that we leave you below.

The video dates back to Saturday 9 January, but it only reached our ears in the last few hours thanks to some of your reports, and after doing some research, here’s the news.

As we have said several times in the last few weeks, this is another big deal for Activision, and this time it is much more serious.

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