Warzone, Raven admits: “The game is completely broken because of us”

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The developers of Warzone have admitted that the current state of the battle royale is “embarrassing”promising to fix the problems that ruined the game.

COD Warzone’s integration with Vanguard did not go as Activision had hoped for. Warzone players have been complaining for months about the state of the battle royale, with the Season 1 patch of December which caused a number of problems that left fans frustrated. Come on console performance issues to the blocks of Buy Stationit was a difficult period for the community, which still has to deal with a title that does not meet the required quality.

In a call organized by Activision with the press and content creators, the same during which the development of Modern Warfare 2 and of Warzone 2Infinity Ward chief Pat Kelly, director Josh Bridge and Eric Biesmann of Raven Software openly discussed the problems and their plans to fix them, admitting the serious mistakes.

During the call, the trio in fact stated in no uncertain terms:

We messed things up on Warzone. The game is broken because of us.

Bridge said of “Not be satisfied” of the state in which it is located Warzone, and admitted to having “Learned the upper limits of their technology” as they attempted to integrate the games into battle royale for the past two years. In fact, Warzone’s big problems came just as Activision pushed for the integration of Black Ops Cold War first and then Vanguard, which destabilized the fragile equilibrium of the title.

Apparently, in fact, initially Warzone it was only conceived as part of Modern Warfare of 2019, Kelly admits, but after its incredible success Activision wanted to incorporate it into future titles COD.

This caused “Significant development challenges”who left the game with a lot of problems with the addition of Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard. This left Warzone in a state of limbo, says Kelly: “It no longer felt like Modern Warfare, nor did it feel like Black Ops.”

Although the three were very candid about the problems facing the game, the development teams of Infinity Ward and Raven are also confident for the future, and have promised to be “Determined to solve problems with the game” after using feedback from the community.

Bridge finally added that Raven hasn’t forgotten about the serious problems plaguing the Caldera map of Warzone Pacific, however, the studio encountered some difficulties in development and was forced to postpone the update to Season 2, which we remind you will start in a few days with (finally) lots of Zombies content for Vanguard.


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