Warzone, the DMR 14 and three other weapons have been nerfed! Here are all the changes

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After Raven’s promise last night, the developers kept their word, and on Call of Duty: Warzone the much discussed four-weapon modifications are finally here in recent days.

Since the integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone started on December 16, the controversy from users has multiplied for obvious imbalances with some guns, in particular four new weapons of the Treyarch game.

The semi-automatic tactical rifles DMR 14 and Type 63in addition to the machine gun MAC 10 and double pistols Come onhave been the subject of fierce online debates and controversy towards developers.

Over the past few weeks, these powerful weapons have dramatically changed the pace of Warzone’s play, flattening the experience. In the presence of such weapons, the firefights ended in an instant and every small, if not insignificant, mistake was severely punished.

But today, January 6, the news that many were waiting for has arrived: the weapons were nerfed by Raven.

Modifications to weapons

In a Twitter post, Raven announces the changes made to the weapons in question, effective immediately – and limited to Warzone, so there are no nerfs when it comes to Black Ops Cold War.

Specifically, here is the list of changes:

  • DMR 14 – Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Type 63 – Headshot damage reduction, increased recoil
  • Mac-10 – Reduced damage multiplier for headshots
  • Double Diamatti pistols – increased dispersion of projectiles without aiming, reduced damage range

Problems with these weapons have been heralded for days for gamers, especially as far as the Warzone community is concerned.

Headshots with DMR 14 and Type 63 were lethal on battle royale for example, breaking up much of the gameplay experience. The shots to the body were also incredibly powerful, in fact, if you look at the comments to the tweet that we left above, you can read some opinions of the players who are not yet satisfied with these changes, but to find out more we will have to wait for some tests. test.

Another big problem was given by the double Diamatti pistols, simply lethal with a single burst. With a greater spread of hits and a decrease in damage, it is hoped that the firefights will be more balanced.

Have you already tested the weapons after the changes? What do you think?

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