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Ubisoft announces that the Title Update 5.5 for Watch Dogs: Legion is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store for Windows PC, Stadia, Luna and Ubisoft +, Ubisoft’s subscription service.

Update 5.5 welcomes the Assassin’s Creed in Watch Dogs: Legions with two free story missions – “The Assassins Are Coming” and “The New Creed” – and two free open world missions. The player in possession of the Season Pass will be able to interpret Darcya member of the Assassin’s Creed Order of Assassins, both online and single player, with abilities that include:

  • Hidden Blade: the typical weapon of the Assassins. Improves the hand-to-hand fight and allows you to attack from any angle.
  • Eagle Drone: An exploration drone that can self-destruct and emit a short-range electromagnetic pulse.
  • AR Disguise: The player can assume the appearance of an enemy to gain access to restricted areas. Also applies to nearby allies in multiplayer mode.

The update also includes other free content in Watch Dogs: Legion’s online mode and single player campaign:

Online mode

  • PvP Invasion: This fan-favorite mode gets the Play-as-Anyone treatment; the Invaders will have access to tools of deception, including the ability to trade with other characters to avoid being spotted. The Research Party will use weapons, skills and equipment to prevent data download.
  • PvP Mining: A new mode in which players obtain crypto units and will run around the city to load data while being followed by opponents.
  • New rewards such as the Crown of Hope, Millennial Livery outfits and Elegant Night Out outfit.

Single-player campaign

  • Stamina Mode – The player can enter a new mode for the Watch Dogs: Legion campaign where:
    • Permadeath is always on.
    • Fast moving between metro stations is disabled.
    • Many civilians are starting to loathe DedSec.
    • Most skills, hacks, and gadgets have a significantly longer cool-down period.
    • … and so on.

Moreover, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store for Windows PC, Stadia, Luna and Ubisoft +. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead allows for a rogue-lite experience in which you must “Survive-as-Anyone” against the threat of the immortal and hostile environment of the dystopian city of London in ruins. Alone, or up to four friends in co-op mode, you will need to create your own strategy of how to reach the extraction point for each round and collect as many supplies as possible along the way. You will be able to use abilities like Swarm of Bees to decimate enemies, the RA Cloak to escape danger, and the Combat Spider-Bot equipped with a protective turret.

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