We’re back to talking about GTA Trilogy Remake, is Rockstar’s surprise near?

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Three of the most unforgettable chapters of the series Grand Theft Auto are they ready to return with a reissue in the form of a remake? It seems so, and fans are already dreaming of the surprise from Rockstar Games.

According to a new rumor, the American software house would be working on remake of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreasthe three masterpieces of the PS2-Xbox era launched in the early 2000s with an extraordinary success.

The rumor of the last few hours comes from an established leaker on the GTA forums, Mach1Budwhich further states that Rockstar Games would have slowed down support on GTA Online to focus more on remakes.

The remake of the GTA Trilogyaccording to the information discussed by the leaker on Reddit, it will be visually better than Grand Theft Auto V, although it will not reach the quality of Red Dead Redemption 2. The leaker, responding to some users on the forum, said that the operation will be comparable to that of 2K on Mafia: Definitive Editionremake of the first chapter of the series.

Unfortunately, no other details are provided. That said, what the leaker would unveil aligns with what other insiders have said in the past, and also echoes Take-Two’s own words: In February, if you remember correctly, the company’s CEO said he was open to a reissue of GTA San Andreas for current generation consoles.

Fans have obviously already begun to dream, even if more than one user has doubts about this rumor, stating that for Rockstar Games it would be much easier and more likely to make a remake of the first Red Dead Redemption, considering then that the entire game map has already been rebuilt for the 2018 sequel.

Some new rumors regarding GTA trilogy remakes from the GTA Forums from GamingLeaksAndRumours

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