What does it mean to streamer on Twitch in 2021?

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Whether you are a regular user or an occasional viewer, you have all heard of by now Twitch. The streaming platform owned by Amazon, in fact, has started to become more and more popular in recent months, and in addition to video games we now find many other types of content shared by millions of users around the world. But a question that often arises is: what does it mean to do it streamer up Twitch, in 2021? The big names of this world often reveal the proceeds of several thousand dollars and a life that apparently borders on perfection. Oh how nice to be a streamer!

The harsh reality of Twitch: few exceed 3 spectators

“Eh but these don’t do shit, they do not workare behind the video games and they unfairly earn a lot of money. ” How many times have we heard such phrases? And sometimes the answer comes out spontaneously: “you do it then”. Then the debate continues with excuses about not having time etc., but the reality of the facts tells us something else: Streaming on Twitch isn’t for everyone. Anyone who has tried to do some live shows, or is starting to do it, will have realized how difficult it is to get even just a couple of spectators. If you have already been in this situation, rest assured that you are not alone. Let’s see some data right away to clarify what the situation is like on the purple site.

Kilian Arjona, current CTO of Flexxible, revealed via Twitter the results of a statistical analysis carried out on Twitch in the first two months of this year. According to data collected by Arjona, out of about 800,000 streamers the 90% of them he had one average of 3 spectators or less. Only 5% of users exceed 6 spectators, while a very small group of1% exceeds i 29 spectators.

The data underlines that just under 5% of users do not even have a viewer during their live shows. Even more curious is to note that about 25% of the streamers analyzed registered only one viewer during their broadcasts: that is to say, in many cases they were the ones who saw each other. However, all this must not discourage those who decide to take this path, but must rather motivate new streamers to find the continuity and the force necessary to overcome the most difficult moments, but above all theoriginalityan essential feature to try to climb the mountain of success on Twitch.

Only 1% makes it, let’s see how

Among all the cases studied by Kilian Arjona and colleagues, only 400 about have entered the category of channels success, that is, those that broadcast on 20 different days during the month, exceeding 160 hours and reaching 300 spectators. These numbers can start to be enough to become a full-time streamer, with a gain of a few hundred euros (very variable). As we have seen, it is a real one challenge stand out and make a name for yourself on Twitch. But it is possible, if you follow 4 main points that we try to summarize as follows:

  • The urge to share And to have fun. Without this you don’t go anywhere, at first you can’t think about gains but you have to look for pleasure as an end in itself.
  • Ideas originals. The Twitch environment is no longer what it was a few years ago, where those who arrived before took a good slice of the public: now you have to focus on original content to stand out.
  • A setup adequate. You can have the best ideas in the world, but without the right support it is impossible to share them in the right way: you don’t need to invest a lot, but you need to do it in an appropriate and targeted way based on your content.
  • Good knowledge of the tools. It is useless to start streaming if you don’t know how to use the right programs, such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. You must first study them and fully understand the different features they offer, to ensure the highest level of immersion for the spectators and the right degree of comfort when going live.

The numbers are not on our side, but success comes if you really commit yourself and propose something differentagain and if you do in the right way. And, sometimes, even a little luck and (positive) opportunism don’t hurt. But the important thing is always starting from oneself.

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