Will Payday 3 be a Microsoft exclusive?

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The case of Payday 3 continues to be talked about, and this time the indiscretion brings up a great name: that of Microsoft.

It was 2019 when Starbreeze put into development the third chapter of Payday, a series of third-person action stealth video games focused on multiplayer cooperation to be able to carry out various robberies in different contexts.

In 2019 the development of the game began, however Starbreeze was struggling with a flop of considerable proportions, that of Overkill’s The Walking Dead. The game turned out to be a big problem for the studio in its PC version, so much so that Starbreeze canceled the console version.

The latest official news around Payday 3 it dates back to last summer, when Starbreeze announced that it was looking for financiers to be able to complete the development of the game.

From the surveys of some users, which were then reported on Reddit, Payday 3 could be at a very important moment in its history, and that the game is one step away from a very important announcement.

According to what was reported in the latest financial report, which dates back to February 16, Starbreeze is close to an agreement with a major publisher, fond of games as a service, to participate in the publication of Payday 3.

After the spread of this news, the insiders were unleashed: there are three sources who claim that this mysterious publisher will actually be Microsoftinterested in leveraging the success of the Payday series to enrich the line-up of Xbox Game Pass with new exclusive games.

According to insiders Alvaro, CheesyMxSqueezy and the podcast of Xbox Erathe Redmond giant is in fact at the forefront to ensure the publication of the third chapter of the Payday series, a game certainly attractive for all those who are willing to subscribe to the Game Pass service.

For the moment, these are obviously unconfirmed rumors, but we will follow the story closely. However, it seems that, beyond the rumors, Payday 3 has finally found its right size, and is now ready for an official announcement from the developers. Would you like to see Payday 3 as an Xbox Game Pass exclusive game?


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