Will Vanguard Zombies be unveiled in October with a Warzone event?

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After the reveal event of Call of Duty: Vanguard a few days ago, and the news that also in the new game of the series there will be a mode Zombiesnew rumors arrive regarding this particular aspect of the game.

With the Battle of Verdansk, a live event that took place within Warzone on the evening of August 19, Sledgehammer Games showed us the first trailer of Call of Duty: Vanguard which confirmed the setting of the Second World War.

Following the reveal, an avalanche of details about the game arrived thanks to the specialized press that he had the opportunity to speak directly with Sledgehammer Games. Among the most interesting information that has emerged we mention the destructibility of multiplayer maps, a new map for Warzone and an anti-cheat system that will be launched in 2021, and precisely the Zombies modethe latter curated by Treyarch who will carry on the narrative universe of the Dark Aether Story started with Black Ops Cold War.

For more details, below we leave you a video summary of everything that has been said about Vanguard these days.

If already tonight, 22 August, we will have a brief taste of the multiplayer sector, there are many users who are wondering when we will actually be able to see COD Vanguard’s Zombies modeand in this regard comes a new voice on the web that could shed light on the mystery.

On August 20, the popular leaker TheGhostOfHope posted on Twitter a sort of timeline regarding the coming months of Call of Duty in anticipation of Vanguard. In this roadmap of events, we find one that has caught the attention of the public:

  • 1. Multiplayer Reveal (August)
  • 2. Campaign Mission play through (August)
  • 3. PlayStation Alpha (August)
  • 4. PlayStation Beta (September)
  • 5. Open Beta (September)
  • 6. Halloween event 2.0 with Vanguard Zombies reveal (October)
  • 7. Launch (November)
  • 8. Season 1 (November)

The leaker therefore claims that Halloween 2021 will be an important time for Warzone players and for those waiting for Vanguard, as we will discover the details of this new Zombies experience through a dedicated event within the battle royale.

Considering that even last year, on the occasion of Halloween, Warzone was enriched with a dedicated event, the odds of a 2.0 edition focused this time on the undead that we will see in Vanguard makes perfect sense.

The leaker, together with other dataminers, then reports that within Warzone some references have been found to new skins that we will potentially find during the Halloween event, dedicated to two icons of horror cinema: Ghostface, from the saga of Screamand Michael Myers, fictional character from the Halloween.

All the information above is obviously not officially confirmed, but we will not fail to update you should new details arrive.

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