Worrying report on PS5, Sony would have decreased production due to some problems

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[AGGIORNAMENTO] Sony, today, denied the Bloomberg report, announcing that the expectations for the production of PS5 are unchanged.

[NEWS ORIGINALE] A few hours from the highly anticipated presentation event of Playstation 5in which Sony will almost certainly talk about release date and price of the new console, a worrying report emerges from the pages of Bloomberg.

Reportedly, Sony has encountered some obstacles regarding the production of the new consolein particular manufacturing problems with the chip of PS5.

The custom chip that will mount PS5, in fact, is creating a lot of headaches for the production department, which would have an estimated return of 50%. In a nutshell, half of the chips produced are fully functional, while the other half are totally throwaway, which means less hardware available.

Consequently, in fact, Sony has now reduced its production forecast by 4 million units. During the month of July, observing the user response to the first appearances of PS5, the Japanese giant had decided to significantly increase the production of the console, with the aim of distributing over 15 million by the end of the current fiscal year (March 2021 ).

Expectations, now, have inevitably reduced due to the production problems encountered with the chip. The new target has now dropped to 11 million units to be produced by the end of March 2021, still a high number but could lead to a stock problem in some countries. The reports of BloombergHowever, they say the situation is currently returning to normal, so the number could be slightly higher.

Problems like this are hardly new and are a reality of modern chip manufacturing, but now it will be up to Sony to be able to understand precisely what the production capacities and units available will be in these first delicate months of next-gen.

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