WW1 Announced: Isonzo, FPS set in Italy during the First World War

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M2H and Blackmill Games have officially announced WW1: Isonzo, new chapter of the WW1 shooter series inspired by the First World War. After Tennenberg and Verdun, this time the new game in the series will take us to Italian territory.

WW1: Isonzo was announced for PC, Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PS5, and will be available later this year.

Here are the details on the game, followed by the announcement trailer.

Alpine battle on the Italian front

Isonzo takes place on the southern front during the Great War and catapults players into the titanic clash between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Inspired by the two-year struggle for the river of the same name, Isonzo will allow players to cross the new battlefields of the First World War, as beautiful as they are deadly. The fights will take place on peaks with breathtaking views, rugged valleys and fantastic cities in Northern Italy. The new Offensive game mode transports players into the midst of the most famous historical battles on the Italian front, from high-altitude fighting in the Alps to bloody battles on the Soča River.


Matt Hergaarden, M2H developer and Co-founder, said:

The Italian front proved to be the ideal theater to raise the bar of the WW1 series games, both figuratively and literally! The Isonzo Alpine War brings numerous new game mechanics, together with the new Italian army, committed to fighting against the Austro-Hungarian one. We can’t wait to show what we’ve been working on – there’s a lot of exciting news coming up!

Isonzo is the third video game in the WW1 series and introduces fans to Alpine Warfare in northeastern Italy. Tannenberg revolves around large-scale maneuvering warfare on the Eastern front and Verdun, the game that started it all, catapults players into intense trench warfare on the Western front.

Isonzo builds on the good that has already been seen in the WW1 series, taking the intensity of Verdun and combining it with the vastness of Tannenberg. It opens up new horizons in the Alps with a complete overhaul of features, including a new Story Mode, to further elevate the series and engage players like never before!

High altitude fighting

Authentic weapons, uniforms and sound effects will bring players into the heart of the First World War. Everything in Isonzo, from the design of the trenches to the landmarks, has been recreated following historical sources, such as films, diaries and photographs taken on the battlefields during research. The new Offensive game mode allows players to lead the attack through the beautiful Italian landscapes, or to organize the defense on dynamic battlefields: the situation can change at any moment!

You must react to changing conditions on the battlefield by carefully choosing your role and equipment: hit the engineers on the mountainside to prevent cutting the cable, use the grenade launcher to clean up strong enemies along the river or order barrages as an officer. This is the battle for the fate of nations and both sides will unleash their arsenal. Players will handle everything from bayonets and machine guns to mortars and grenade launchers – if that’s not enough, you can ask for air support, bombing and lethal gas.

The Great War on the Italian front comes to life at high altitude! Remember one thing: it is not the mountain to be conquered, but the enemy.

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