Xbox All Access also arrives in Italy, here are all the details of the excellent service!

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Great news for all players: the service Xbox All Access finally arrives in Italy, and we will explain in detail what it is!

After conquering the American territory, the service Xbox All Access also arrives in Italy, bringing with it a remarkable offer that concerns all players who intend to become part of the Xbox world now that the Xbox Series X and Series S have been available for almost a year.

However, many of you may be wondering what Xbox All Access actually isand therefore before showing you the details of the offer, we will show you what the service in question represents.

What is Xbox All Access?

Born in the USA already in the days of Xbox One, Xbox All Access is a subscription package made by Microsoft that allows you to buy Xbox Series X (or Xbox Series S) with payment in installments with a lot of Game Pass Ultimate included in the price. Each month, in fact, you will be charged a fixed fee, depending on the console package you choose, and you will therefore have consoles and Game Passes at your disposal without additional surcharges.

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate available, a service that includes use on consoles, PCs and smartphones, you will have a library with hundreds of titles to be played also in streaming (by the end of 2021 xCloud will also arrive on consoles, with a surprise for Xbox One), including the entire catalog of EA Play of Electronic Arts containing Battlefield, FIFA and many other titles. On Game Pass the games of the Xbox Game Studios are then launched immediately, as well as the future ones Forza Horizon 5 And Halo Infinite.

At the end of the All Access service, then, you will have definitively purchased the console, and you will no longer be charged any costs.

Cost of service

From now Xbox All Access is available at GameStop Italy, in two distinct packages.

The first package, the most expensive, includes the purchase in installments of Xbox Series X and Game Pass Ultimate, for a total of 24 monthly installments at € 32.99 per month. The total cost will amount to just under € 800.

The second package is the cheapest of the two, also because it includes, in addition to the Game Pass, also Xbox Series S, a less expensive console than Series X (if you are interested, you can find the differences between the two hardware here). The cost of this version of All Access is € 24.99 per month for 24 months, with the total cost of around € 600.

It goes without saying that these are two advantageous packages for those who do not want to spend a large amount immediately for a console.

Xbox Series X and Series S are in fact sold for € 500 and € 300 respectively, while a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is sold for about € 13 – in 24 months, therefore, they translate into € 312 of total expenditure. If you decide to activate All Access, therefore, you will also have a slight overall saving on the package you choose.

For more information on payments, please visit the Gamestop Italia page.

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