Xbox exclusive Starfield? It is very likely

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With Microsoft which has achieved one of the most important acquisitions in the history of the sector, many are now wondering what will be the “end” of Bethesda video games.

A certainly legitimate doubt, which the gaming community began to ask itself just a few minutes after the announcement by Redmond that it had absorbed the entire ZeniMax Media, which includes Bethesda, the associated studios and the various IPs such as DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein.

Gamers, especially those who have already decided to bet on PlayStation 5 whose pre-orders have started with turmoil but large numbers, are eager to know what will happen to highly anticipated series and new video games such as Starfield, the sci-fi IP of Bethesda announced in 2018 : will they also arrive on other platforms far from Microsoft?

Phil Spencer, shortly after the news of the acquisition, revealed that the company would keep the agreements previously made (such as the exclusive deathloop time on PS5), but that, as regards the new titles, the question would be analyzed once at a time. Only one thing is certain: those who are part of the Xbox world will have an advantage in this sense.

Microsoft’s idea is in fact to also launch Bethesda video games on day one on Xbox Game Pass, just like it happens with the exclusives. Does that make new games Microsoft exclusives? Probably yes, and Jez Corden is convinced of it.

The always well-informed reporter of Windows Central answered some questions from users on Twitter, in particular about Starfield. His thinking is decidedly clear: it is highly probable that the sci-fi IP, as well as various other AAA created by Bethesda such as The Elder Scrolls VI and future Fallout, DOOM and Wolfenstein, they will only come to Xbox consolesas well as on Xbox Game Pass.

A blow to the PlayStation community, but we need to see it from multiple perspectives. As various analysts and industry experts have rightly pointed out, Sony too would certainly have opted to make Starfield and other Bethesda games PS5 exclusives, if it had been the one to acquire the company.

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