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It’s the same Microsoft to rattle off the figures, and to reveal the curious trend that characterizes users registered on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox executive Sarah Bond shared data on Xbox Game Pass (have you read this month’s news on the service?) Showing subscriber trends and behaviors. Just a few months ago, it was Bond herself who talked about the increased interest of players in playing, once they subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, but today we discover some more interesting details.

Bond stated that Game Pass subscribers:

  • They spend 20% more time playing games
  • They play 30% more games
  • They try 40% more genres
  • They spend 20% more money overall on games

The last data is particularly interesting, and was discussed by the Xbox executive who wanted to explain what the statistics consist of and why. Xbox Game Pass offers a different value proposition than services like Netflixleading people to spend more money:

When you subscribe to a channel that lets you watch a video, like Netflix, it’s kind of the end of the monetization cycle you have with that piece of content. In games it’s the opposite: there are items you can buy in the game, there are extensions you can buy, there is an upcoming franchise you can buy, there are other genres you can skip to.

Bond then went on to say that Microsoft is pushing its xCloud streaming service because the vast majority of people who play games don’t have a consoleso streaming helps reach people who may only have a phone or who don’t want to play games on consoles or PCs.

There are 200 million people who buy a console and 3 billion people who play games. Today, many of these people don’t get the chance to play many of these great experiences and iconic games you see. When you really look at what we’re doing with Game Pass, we make it possible by connecting to the subscription one and putting our streaming subscription. We can make the economy of all this work.

Microsoft once again proves that it is clearly ahead in terms of services, with Xbox Game Pass to be the master. The recent acquisition of Bethesda, which has brought and will bring many new titles to the service, some of which are exclusive, is yet another demonstration of how much the Redmond giant believes in the project, having then declared that it is ready to expand on other platforms as well. who will want to deal with Xbox Game Pass.

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