Xbox Series X and Series S, the info to know about pre-orders starting tomorrow!

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There are very few hours until the start at Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders: let’s see together the last details to discover regarding the pre-order next-gen consoles from Microsoft!

First of all, before approaching the pre-order you need to know in detail the technical specifications of the Xbox Series X and Series S, two systems that are part of the same family of consoles but with very different purposes. Series X, for example, is much more powerful than Series S, but that’s not the only difference between the two hardware. We therefore invite you, in case you haven’t already done so, to read our special dedicated article that you find below.

Differences between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Speaking of pre-orders, Microsoft has also confirmed in the last few days that we will be able to book Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S starting at 9:00 on Tuesday 22 September, when specialized retail and online stores will start selling the two consoles.

The hope, for all fans of the Xbox world, is that obviously what happened in recent days with the PlayStation 5 pre-orders, which literally sent bookings into a tailspin, will not repeat itself: the pieces are completed within a few minutes from the start of preorders, but Sony has already made it known that it will provide a new wave of units.

You can obviously book Series X and Series S in well-known chains such as GameStop, Unieuro and Mediaworld, but Amazon will also open reservations on its website.

The two consoles will be available from November 10 worldwide.

We just have to wait for the first data relating to the pre-orders of the two consoles, to find out how the Microsoft generation will begin.

And you, are you ready? Have you already decided to book one of the Series X or Series S? Or have you opted for PS5?

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