Xbox Series X sold out on Amazon, Series S still available

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The pre-orders of the new ones next-gen consoles from Microsoft they have been open for a few hours, but Amazon Italy has already closed reservations for one of the two systems.

Today Microsoft, fresh from the clamorous acquisition of ZeniMax Media which includes Bethesda and all associated studios, has kicked off the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-ordersthe two new next-gen consoles that will be available worldwide from November 10th.

The first will showcase all the power of the new generation hardware, while the second, Series S, focuses on a different market and on the strong use of services. If you are curious about the differences between the two consoles, find a dedicated special below.

Differences between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Apparently, after PlayStation 5 has already recorded large numbers at the opening of reservations, Xbox Series X is replicating the success of its direct rival: Amazon Italy has already run out of available pieces and has closed reservationsas well as the retailer’s UK division.

At the moment, however, the situation still seems under control, and several retailers including GameStop still offer the opportunity to grab the console on day one.

Instead, it remains available for preorder, also on Amazon, Xbox Series S, as you can see below. Perhaps the small next-gen console does not attract the public as much as its older sister? In any case, it is a very interesting system that could convince many to take the generational step ahead of schedule, and without spending a large amount.

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