Zombies in Call of Duty: Warzone are increasing, event in sight?

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As rumors of an impending nuclear event over Verdansk multiply, Call of Duty: Warzone finds himself dealing with an increasingly widespread threat: the undead are invading Activision’s battle royale.

In a new post on the Call of Duty blog, Raven Software, the house that now supports Call of Duty: Warzone with Infinity Ward busy on his next project, he has warned players that things in Verdansk are changing very quickly. The zombie plague is becoming more and more serious and uncontrollable, and the areas infested with the undead are multiplying.

Here is the full text of the post:

Attention to all operators in Verdansk.

The emergency broadcast system has issued a minor contagion warning for the southeastern area of ​​Verdansk which includes the epicenter of the miasma (“ghost ship” Vodianoy) and the territories immediately to the east, including the Zordaya prison complex and the surrounding areas. Additionally, ground reconnaissance explorers in collaboration with an Armistice multilateral air support squadron have determined the existence of anomalies within this region of Kastovia. The following guide has been approved for all military operators working in the greater Tavorsk area.

Extreme caution is advised: reconnaissance within these recently confirmed anomalous zones may result in further conflicts, as speculative reports indicate secondary forces of unknown origin that now reside both within the prison complex and at the points of interest of the shipwreck completely compromised.

Hostile forces are described as withered, showing a corpse-like appearance and lacking in cognitive contrast function. If you encounter these anomalous hostiles, you shouldn’t give up. Thereafter, a combative withdrawal, immediate exfilation and subsequent fumigation is recommended.

Warning: The containment protocol level has not been increased, as these threats appear to be mostly contained in the southern zone of Sector 5 and operators in surrounding regions should proceed normally. Computer models expect anomalous activities to cease shortly and a conflagration is not expected.

Stay calm and carry out the mission.

As mentioned, it is still early to understand if the event will have major repercussions, however at the moment much of the information from the insiders is matching what is happening. The zombie invasion of Verdansk could be the very first step towards the famous apocalyptic event that will destroy Verdansk and bring a new Black Ops themed map, which should materialize, according to rumors, at the end of Season 2.

For some time, in fact, players have been clamoring for a new playable map on Warzone, the battle royale that has just completed its first year of life a few days ago. What do you think of these first 12 months of the game? We asked you here, and we’d like to know what you think.

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